Pricing - Record Retrieval

Newspapers - Known Date of Event

Newspapers - General Search

I will search the date of the event plus up to 2 calendar weeks after the date event.  This is usually sufficient time for articles like birth announcements, graduations, and obituaries to appear in the newspaper.

Located Records delivered digitally.

Each event is $20

Sometimes we only have a rough idea of when an event occurred, but hope that an article appeared in the newspaper.  For instance, you might hope to find an obituary, but only know that the person died in Riverside in 1960, but not the exact month or date. 

You may also have a list of items you are searching for a particular individual.

Located Records delivered digitally.

$30 / hour

City Directories & Yearbooks

No Book Left Behind

City Directories are a valuable resource for establishing the place your subject lived at a specific time and may contain information such as spouse names, occupation, and much more.

Yearbooks provide insight into the educational experience of our ancestors and usually include at least one photo of each student.

Located Records delivered digitally.

Each volume searched is $5

If you are researching a specific person or family and think there may be a lot of records available (for instance, the family had 6 children and you want all available yearbooks searched), then this is your budget-friendly option.

$30/ hr, plus expenses

If you choose this service, there is a minimum 2-hour charge. 

After the first 2 hours, we will discuss results to that point and I will give you an estimate of how much material I feel might still be out there for you, and a quote of hours needed to find it.  If you agree to additional hours, payment is required prior to the research beginning.

Records provided will include a full source citation
If records are not located, you will receive a research log detailing search attempts

Research Services

Brick Wall Inspection

But I don't have time to research my family tree!

All genealogy projects by individual quote.  Please contact me to discuss your project!


Folks, the harsh reality is that we aren't all related to Royalty, have an Indian Squaw as a Great-Great Grandmother or have super-famous people in our family trees like on TV.  In fact, many of us have at least one scandal or “black sheep” in our family trees, such as murderers, divorces, bigamists and slave owners. 
Before you start in on genealogy, you have to be ready to learn the truth of your family history - the good, the bad, and even the ugly.  

Once the family skeletons are out of the closet, I can't force them back in for you.

Family Tree Builder

Face it, we ALL have a brick wall or two... or twelve... in our research.   Maybe some fresh eyes and/or off-line research is just what you need to bring that wall crashing down!

In order to get started, you will need to assemble all of the information you already have on your brick wall so that I can review it*.  This saves you money because I'm not re-searching for records you already have. It also saves time because I can become familiar with the people you're researching quickly, which increases the likelihood we will break down, or at least chip away at, your brick wall. 

All projects by individual quote.  Please contact me to discuss your project!


It's called a brick wall for a reason!  I might not be any more successful at bulldozing it down than you have been. 

Consultation Sessions

Do you love researching your tree?  Are you stuck on a particular problem, and you're not ready to surrender and have someone else do the work for you?

A brainstorming session might be just the right fit!  We'll take a look at what you've found so far and brainstorm where you should look next.

30 Minute Session:

60 Minute Session:

I reserve the right to decline any research project I do not feel I can do correctly.

In all cases, genealogical research and record look-ups can be time consuming and sometimes end up empty handed; for instance, not everyone had obituaries, marriages, or births published in newspapers. The larger the city or more modern the timeframe, the less likely it is the information was published. In the event that your record is not found, you will receive a report from me outlining exactly what resources were accessed to locate the information requested and stating the information was not found. 

You are paying for my time and I cannot guarantee the record you want exists.  For this reason, fees for used time are not refundable. 

However I do guarantee that you will receive prompt and timely service from a fellow genealogist who understands the importance of communication and thorough research.